My Sexy Saturday Visits Dancing with Detective Danger

Plenty of interesting excerpts continue on the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. Today we get a peek at Dancing with Detective Danger’s Detective Ben Kirby and PI Sterling Aegar as Sterling struggles with her feelings for Ben.

“But I can’t be with you. It would be more than I could stand to get accustomed to spending all of my days and nights with you and then have to face that day.”

Leaning in, he put his hand on hers. “What day, Sterling?” His voice sounded so gentle and warm—how could she make him understand?

“The day I get the call informing me of your death,” she finished, nearly leaping from her chair. She couldn’t stand the feelings threatening to tear her apart.

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  Dancing with Danger

My Sexy Saturday Comes to Visit

My Sexy Saturday saunters on! Since I just got the cover for Secrets this week I’m posting an excerpt from the book, which is releasing Oct. 6. I hope you enjoy this little peak into the reality of the hero, Casey Mitchell, as he struggles with feelings for the heroine, Michelle, while trying to remain faithful to his colony of were-lynxes.

(Casey) parked under a large tree down the street from the William Carter, Enterprises campus and turned off the car. He sat in the dark, desperation warring with detachment.

When (Michelle) had broken off with him, the loneliness didn’t simply return, it nearly took him over. It shouted in his head, brutal thoughts of getting what he deserved for letting her get close. It tainted his dreams with endless dark hunts searching for her in nameless and unfamiliar forests.

Casey shrugged off the clamor of loneliness, and focused his vision on the building down the street. It was his prey tonight.

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My Sexy Saturday Meets a Were-lynx

It’s Sexy Saturday, my friends. I hope you enjoy the excerpt from my WIP, Secrets. It depicts the hero, Casey, in conflict with his feelings for the heroine, Michelle, and his ingrained belief he can’t share with any human his lynx identity. I hope you enjoy this peak!

Casey sat up in bed, the dream he’d been having still alive in his head. He rubbed his hand through his hair. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “Oh, my God.” His heart thudded hard and fast in his chest. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand, sucking in deep breaths of air. Four in the morning. Loneliness heavied his heart.
The dream had been so real, so terrifying. So unusual.
He set his feet on the cold wood floor and sat still on the side of the bed. He took in the room, his room in his house, and sorted through the images in his dream as his body reactions calmed.
He was accustomed to dreaming as his lynx form. Dreams of running through fields with the speed and exhilaration of freedom made frequent nighttime appearances. But this, this dream made him shiver. He dropped his head in his hands and lived through it again.
He saw himself standing in his human form with Michelle in her backyard. Darkness enveloped them comfortably and above a starry, moonless sky contained their moments of shared solitude. He’d brought her warm hand to his lips, the scent of her skin heady and alluring. She’d laughed, delighted when he pretended to take a delicate nibble of her skin.
Casey balled his hands. The moment of togetherness in the dream thundered through him as he revisited what happened next.
He’d lost control. He’d done the unthinkable. He’d shimmered, right in front of Michelle, into his lynx form. Horrified, he’d stood there as his purest self and her screams echoed fiercely against his heart.

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My Sexy Saturday

I’m fired up for My Sexy Saturday. I hope you enjoy the excerpt below from my WIP that gives a glimpse of the beginning of a love scene featuring heroine Michelle Slade and hero Casey Mitchell.

Tentatively, Michelle fingered a black dread that fell between his eyes. He shifted his gaze to capture hers. His eyes glistened, the way Casey’s so often did, and he gently traced the outline of her lips.

She nuzzled his cheek, savoring the scent of him. It wasn’t cologne, it was the natural scent of him and it soothed her nerves. It drew her in, promising places of peace and security.
Her eyes returned to his, finding intense arousal in them.

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