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Asia Blue has never encountered an obstacle she couldn’t overcome, a challenge she couldn’t conquer. The daughter of an alcoholic single mother, Asia learned early on that if she was going to eat and avoid child services, she had to take care of things. When punches came along she drew from her hard attitude and kept on going. When in her late teens she discovered she was more than human, she was a were-lynx, she knew she needed to hide until she figured out how to survive in a human world.

  • Lynn Crandall writes a compelling tale of intrigue that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. From the first page to the last, Dancing With Detective Danger will keep you guessing what will happen next as Sterling Aegar and Ben Kirby search to find a killer, as well as answers to the past they thought they had left behind—a past that is at times painful, but one that neither can forget. Dancing With Detective Danger will quickly become a must read for all fans of romantic suspense and have readers looking for more books by this talented author.

    Kathie DeNosky


    Always and Forever Love review

    I really enjoyed this book as I got to know Lacey and Jackson as I read. I love how they both are good hearted people who don’t back down. Lacey has to learn to let go and maybe say goodbye to her husband. She has relied on his ghost being there for her and she has to see she may want a real person. Jackson keeps after Lacey even when she pushes him away he tries to make her see he isn’t a bad guy. There is lots of action in this book as Lacey is helping Jackson find out who is behind not only falsifying records but out to destroy his company. I love how Lacey snoops and goes under cover to try to figure things out. She is such a great character. This book is also about letting go. I love that Lacey has had her husbands ghost with her and how he talks to her about things. She is afraid to move on and he helps her. There is plenty of love in this book. If you like a mystery/action packed book that keeps you intrigued and where love begins and ends be sure to try this one.

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    Review of Secrets

    Lynn Crandall has a lovely writing style, full of fluidity and intricate description. While I was reading Secrets, I was able to slip away from this world for just a few hours, and really get involved with Michelle’s story. It’s a real plus for me when the writing is so smooth that the picture in your head never gets interrupted the entire time. Loved it! It is clear that Lynn is a talented writer and I will be happy to read anything else from her in the future!


    Unabridged Andra


Asia Blue has never encountered an obstacle she couldn’t overcome, a challenge she couldn’t conquer. The daughter of an alcoholic single mother, Asia learned early on that if she was going to eat and avoid child services, she had to take care of things. When punches came along she drew from her hard attitude and kept on going. When in her late teens she discovered she was more than human, she was a were-lynx, she knew she needed to hide until she figured out how to survive in a human world.

Kennedy, just Kennedy, recently dropped down into the rabbit hole complete with no surname and landed in an entirely different life than the one she’d been living for 22 years. That’s when she learned her parents were people who had been given the job of raising her and keeping her from the truth—her real parents were alive and she had been groomed to progress the plans of a secret group. It was also the day she learned her life was in jeopardy and she could trust no one, except maybe the brother she hadn’t known she had, Casey Mitchell, and his colony of were-lynxes.

Someone is making homeless cats disappear and Michelle Slade wants to put a stop to it. The office manager at AegarInvestigations and owner of cat rescue Cats Alive, she struggles to keep together the life she’s forged since the one she knew shattered five years ago on the night she was raped. She couldn’t have predicted that the rape’s impact would reach into her present life and put a strangle grip on all she holds dear, thanks to the evil machinations of powerful businessman, William Carter.

I’ve been a reader and a writer all my life. My background is in journalism, but whether writing a magazine or newspaper story or creating a romance, I love the power stories hold to transport, inspire, and uplift.

In my romances, I focus on vulnerable, embraceable characters who don’t back down. I hope that readers discover, over and over, stories of ordinary people who face ordinary life challenges and are transformed by extraordinary love

Designing a Healing Tool

I’m so excited to have Sara Woodard-Ortiz on my blog today. Author and designer of Coloring Through Divorce, Sara caught my attention with her amazing idea to help women and children navigate divorce via the Butterfly Effect, you know, the theory that activity in one part of you life can change other parts of your…


Giveaway Goddess Fish Tour for Nighthawks by Jeremy Flagg

I’m welcoming Jerry Flagg today, author of Nighthawks, a science fiction, dystopian book. Jerry is running a giveaway in which one randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/BN.com gift card. Be sure to follow the tour for more opportunities to enter. Find tour dates here Goddess Fish Promotions Here’s a blurb: Twenty-six-year-old…


Read Romance and Improve Your Mental Health

Author Blair Bancroft has been kind enough to share a post first posted on Gems in the Attic. She makes some very interesting points. Take it away, Blair. Why Read Romance? by Blair Bancroft Maybe you, too, feel the need to justify your passion for the subject. So here it is, the reason I not…


Giveaway by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson Goddess Fish Tour for Fibers

Today I welcome Jennifer-Crystal Johnson, author of the Fibers, Book One in her Infiltration science fiction series. The author will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Be sure to enter! Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances…


I Love Animals

Meet Willow. She is a black and white, semi-long hair cat who has been a member of my family for almost 14 years. Yes, I mean member of the family. I am an animal lover. I can’t think of any animal I would consider as a lower life form. I just don’t think of them…


Night Shifts Releases

Night Shifts, 8 amazing shifter stories by 8 amazing authors in one bundle releases today! I’m so thrilled to have Secrets, book 1 in my Fierce Hears series, included in the Night Shifts bundle. Here’s an excerpt of Secrets.   Casey sat up in bed, the dream he’d been having still alive in his head.…


Life is Suspenseful

I love the element of suspense in books. As a reader, I like to bite my nails, follow twists, see the red herring, and discover after all the threat of danger or capture by a villain, the hero or heroine solve the problem. In my case as a writer, not only do my characters face…


Unstoppable Tour and Giveaway

Be sure to check out the Unstoppable Goddess Fish tour and giveaway for an opportunity to win a $25 gift card. Here’s an excerpt from Unstoppable: Lara tuned out whatever Marcus was saying as he inserted the blade inside her mouth. She closed her eyes, focusing tightly on soothing the terrified little girl inside her…


Unstoppable Releases

Although I’ll admit that I’m distraught beyond compare with the ending of this series, I will admit that this was the perfect conclusion to an endlessly entertaining, wildly suspenseful, and emotionally enriching journey. – See more at: Pure Jonel Blogspot I’m so excited to see the release of the final book in my Fierce Hearts…


Crash and Burn Goddess Fish Book Tour and Giveaway

Today I’m welcoming Michele Callahan, author of Crash and Burn, a NA contemporary romance. Michele will be awarding a $15 Amazon, B&N, or iTunes card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Boost your chances for winning by following the tour to its other sites. Goddess Fish Promotions Blurb: A childhood promise…


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Dancing with Detective Danger cover

A private investigator who works with her sister, Sterling Aegar has never put to rest the trauma of her father’s unsolved murder. Though she and Ben Kirby enjoyed a passionate and thrilling love affair, two years ago Sterling ran away from it when the wounds of her past demanded she insulate herself from the vulnerability of love and bury herself in her work.

A police officer, Ben has spent the last two years trying to put Sterling out of his heart and mind. But he knows it hasn’t worked, and when he runs into her at a crime scene, his desire for her at a physical level is triggered, but more profoundly at an emotional level.

As Sterling and Ben confront grave danger on the job, they both must face their troubled pasts and decide to choose love or let it go.

Always and Forever Love cover

The presence of a ghost in her life doesn’t alarm Lacy Aegar, in fact it makes her happy. Two and a half years ago when her dead husband Nicholas reappeared in her life as a full-bodied spirit, she questioned her sanity. But with Nicholas’ explanation that there are things about life that are not as she’s always believed, she settled into a pleasant routine of working with her sister at their private investigation business.

Lacey’s complacency is sent topsy-turvy when she runs into Jackson Carter, the son of powerful and influential business tycoon, William Carter. Typical of the Carter reputation, Jackson’s slick new private investigating business is siphoning off clients from the Aegar sisters’ business, creating financial difficulty. When she encounters Jackson, she wants nothing to do with him.

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Probabilities cover

Bubbly were-lynx Tizzy Sands mapped out her life years ago: she’d teach kindergartners, eventually marry, and start a family. But when cancer stole her dream of having children, her focus changed. As a member of a were-lynx colony that faces constant danger from the nefarious Nexus Group, her goal now is helping the colony defeat them–and steering clear of any romantic involvements.

With his genius IQ, Quinn Arons isn’t the most socially skilled were-lynx in the colony and can’t imagine party girl Tizzy would give him a second look. But although his past mistakes and childhood experiences haunt him, he can’t accept Tizzy’s fear that cancer will return and claim her life soon. Instead, he decides to show her that life is what you make it.

Now they’re working as partners to prevent Nexus from launching its Project Powering, but can Quinn convince Tizzy there’s more to save here than just their world?

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