My Sexy Saturday Goes Spooky and Scary

Celebrating spooky and scary with seven paragraphs from Secrets for My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. In the excerpt below, heroine Michelle Slade happens upon a lynx in a field near her house. She’s instantly mesmerized — and unaware the animal is a were-lynx, her friend and hero Casey Mitchell.

She held her breath, and as she did, a large figure of a furry animal slipped silently through the hedge, away from her.
Automatically, her hand slapped over her mouth. Her heart raced. Her breath came in deliberate pulls. That figure, that animal, was not at all what she’d expected to appear out of the shadows. She dropped her hand to her side and stepped cautiously toward the spot where the animal had disappeared.
The hedge bordered her half-acre backyard and split it from the rest of her property. The place in the hedge where the animal slipped through meant a short walk away from the security of her house, but she’d be damned if she was going to let that deter her from a possible identification of that animal.
She shivered in the cold air, taking measured steps to the spot, her senses perched on the edge of her nerves. She noticed a small opening in the hedge. The large animal would have had to crouch low to the ground to get through. She leaned low and tried to see through to the other side, but she saw nothing but dry weeds.
The hedge stood about to her chin, so standing on tiptoe, Michelle searched the field on the other side for another glimpse of the animal.
“Geez!” She instinctively took a step back when her gaze collided with the animal as it sat still in the field, barely visible. Inexplicably, it sat motionless, staring at her. Can it see me? she wondered. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest. She longed to get a better look, but she didn’t dare slip through the hedge. It seemed completely at ease, sitting there staring at her through glistening eyes.
Dare she speak? Fairly mesmerized, Michelle whispered to the animal. “I mean you no harm.”

This is the lynx who inspired the Casey character. 399px-Lynx_lynx_poing

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The Cats of Secrets

Secrets, a paranormal romance releasing in one week from today, Oct. 6, follows the story of Michelle Slade, a recovering rape victim and owner of a cat rescue, and Casey Mitchell, private investigator and a were-lynx. The cats Michelle owns and works with in her cat rescue in the book are all named after cats I’ve either owned or stray cats who walked into my backyard and my life. These darlings were able to find forever homes or simply were spayed or neutered then released through my efforts to provide food and water and shelter for a while, then connect them with various rescue organizations.

So I’d like to share pictures and a bit of their stories each day preceding Secrets’ release. I would love it if anyone who cares to would post images of their cat/s on my author Facebook page. The first cat I’ll highlight is Madeline. Let’s celebrate cats!

My Sexy Saturday Visits Dancing with Detective Danger

Plenty of interesting excerpts continue on the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. Today we get a peek at Dancing with Detective Danger’s Detective Ben Kirby and PI Sterling Aegar as Sterling struggles with her feelings for Ben.

“But I can’t be with you. It would be more than I could stand to get accustomed to spending all of my days and nights with you and then have to face that day.”

Leaning in, he put his hand on hers. “What day, Sterling?” His voice sounded so gentle and warm—how could she make him understand?

“The day I get the call informing me of your death,” she finished, nearly leaping from her chair. She couldn’t stand the feelings threatening to tear her apart.

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  Dancing with Danger

My Sexy Saturday Comes to Visit

My Sexy Saturday saunters on! Since I just got the cover for Secrets this week I’m posting an excerpt from the book, which is releasing Oct. 6. I hope you enjoy this little peak into the reality of the hero, Casey Mitchell, as he struggles with feelings for the heroine, Michelle, while trying to remain faithful to his colony of were-lynxes.

(Casey) parked under a large tree down the street from the William Carter, Enterprises campus and turned off the car. He sat in the dark, desperation warring with detachment.

When (Michelle) had broken off with him, the loneliness didn’t simply return, it nearly took him over. It shouted in his head, brutal thoughts of getting what he deserved for letting her get close. It tainted his dreams with endless dark hunts searching for her in nameless and unfamiliar forests.

Casey shrugged off the clamor of loneliness, and focused his vision on the building down the street. It was his prey tonight.

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