This list is meant to be a summary of all the characters in my books. It’s a list of main characters in the two Aegar sister books and in the five Fierce Hearts series books. This was fun to create and I hope you find it helpful, but this does reveal information that requires a Spoiler Alert.

Aegar sisters’ Books


Dancing with Detective Danger

Sterling Aegar — PI at Aegar Investigations with her sister. White, mahogany colored hair, blue-green eyes, former Laurelwood Police Officer.

Lacey Aegar — PI at Aegar Investigations with her sister. White, long wavy red hair, green eyes.

Though they differed in appearance and personality—Lacey, the oldest, had long, curly, copper hair and a soft center, while Sterling, a former cop, had straight, shoulder-length, mahogany hair and an edge to her—they both had hearts of gold.

-Michelle, from Secrets

Tyler Owen –Lacey’s son.

She turned to Tyler sitting beside her in the car and felt a tug at her heart. The familiar, perky little nose covered in “sprinkles,” as he used to refer to his smattering of freckles, was precious to her. It’s just camp, Lacey. He’ll be fine, she told herself.

-Lacey, from Always and Forever Love

Ben Kirby — a Laurelwood police detective and Sterling’s former lover. White, dark brown hair, deep blue eyes.

Ben Kirby had been a part of her life from the moment they’d met on the job. As an undercover detective on the Drug Task Force, he’d shown her the edge. He didn’t merely patrol the city, he prowled it, daring the dealers and runners to make a move. And when they did, he was there to pounce on them without mercy. Ben went after his targets with no thought of a safety net. Get the job done, take down the low-lifes, get them into a cell. … Ben didn’t give a second thought to laying his life on the line for the sake of justice. And that was the problem in their relationship. The way he lived scared her but she had thought she could handle it. Turned out she couldn’t.

-Sterling Aegar, from Dancing with Detective Danger

Digger — a crime boss in Laurelwood who had Sterling and Lacey’s father killed.White.


“Digger. I’m not surprised you’re involved in all of this. Wherever there’s stink, there’s a maggot.”

-SterlingAegar, from Dancing with Detective Danger

Jay – Ben’s former partner on the Laurelwood Police Department.White.

He eyed Jay, trying to find the person he knew. The partner he’d worked with up until the day Jay got sidelined to a desk job by a gunshot, one that wouldn’t have happened if Ben had been more cautious on the job. “What do you want me to say, Jay? Do you want to talk about it? If you do, then let’s do it.”

-Ben Kirby, from Dancing with Detective Danger

Jerry and Sara Rutherford — Jerry is a suspect in a murder investigation and Sara is his wife, who hired Aegar Investigations.White.

Jerry stood suspended, seemingly unsure that he should stay but not convinced he could get away with leaving, either.

-Sterling, Dancing with Detective Danger

Sterling watched Sara’s expressionless reaction and thought she’d seen it all. Upon officially learning of a spouse’s infidelity, clients had been known to rage, cry, or even burst out laughing. But this blankness, this complete lack of emotion, seemed incredibly weird.

-Sterling, Dancing with Detective Danger

Always and Forever Love

Lacey Aegar

Jackson caught a delicate whiff of lavender as Lacey Aegar of Aegar Investigations strolled past him on her way through the living room. He’d granted his permission for her search, but she clearly had intended to proceed with or without it. He’d never admit it, but he was more than a little dazzled. She’d discerned a lot of information, all accurate, without breaking a sweat.

-Jackson Carter

Nicholas Owen — Lacey’s deceased husband, returned to her as an embodied spirit. Blond hair and crystal blue eyes.White.

There was nothing creepy or unnatural about him—in fact the opposite. Nicholas was naturally and fully beautiful and cared only about showing her love, though his idea of love meant something broader than she’d ever experienced before with another person.

-Lacey, Always and Forever Love

Tyler – Lacey’s son.

Jackson Carter –A wealthy lawyer and owner of Carter Inc. investigations.White, brown hair and blue eyes. Nickname is Jake.

“I know who I am. Who are you and what are you doing in my bathroom?” The man’s voice was clipped velvet. His arm circled Jason protectively.


William Carter – A wealthy and ruthless businessman, as well as Jackson’s father.White.

She trembled with memories of the ills caused by William Carter.


Casey Mitchell — Jackson’s best friend and employee as a PI at Carter Inc. Black, short dreads, brown eyes.

Graham and Kate Jackson and their son, Jason — Graham is the oldest son of William Carter and is Jackson’s brother.White.

He and Graham didn’t always see eye to eye on things, but when it came to their father, they managed to be there for each other.


Sarah Carter — Jackson’s deceased mother.White.

“She saved me, essentially, from a life that was killing me, to be melodramatic. She supported me emotionally and financially when I was making my move to get away from my dad, until I could stand on my own.”


Norman Slade – A former Laurelwood Gazette editor, under which Lacey worked as a reporter until William Carter Enterprises took over the paper and fired Norm.

A bit rough around the edges, but sweet and soft on the inside, Norm had coached her on the ins and outs of news writing, the practical and real stuff she hadn’t learned in college. He had been a father figure of sorts, and through him she’d learned to open her heart to life again.

-Lacey, from Always and Forever Love

Fierce Hearts series



Colony cats

The colony cats all have the agility, strength, stealth, heightened senses of a lynx, and the ability to shimmer into lynx form. Each one has an additional special ability. They keep their were-lynx identity secret from humans. They vary a bit in coloration when in lynx form, but they share the typical dark markings and dark tufted ears.

Secrets, Book 1

Michelle Slade – Human, she is office manager at Aegar Investigations and owner of cat rescue Cats Alive. She is highly sensitive and clairvoyant.Caucasion, long blond hair, blue eyes.

The way Michelle had looked up into his face with those deep sapphire-blue eyes made his gut clench. Michelle was a strong woman who went after what she wanted and tackled whatever had to be done. But her gleaming golden hair gave her an ethereal sense and there also was a delicate vulnerability to her that he respected.


Casey Mitchell — Is a lawyer and PI with a special ability to see through objects is also the colony leader. Black, black dreads, brown eyes.A golden were-lynx. He is a moggie.

Her private thoughts were just that, private. She shot him a smile. Heck how could she not? His face, a beautiful shade of brown framed by dark, short dreads, practically glowed with personality.


Kennedy – A were-lynx, she is Casey’s formerly unknown sister. She is a moggie.

“She’s a few years younger than us. She’s also a were-lynx. And she’s pissed.”


William Carter — Founder of secret organization, The Nexus Group. Grey hair and grey eyes.

Larry and Camille Mitchell — Casey’s parents.Larrypreceded Casey as colony leader.Larry, white, is a pure were-lynx and Camille, black, is a human.


His father’s dark brown eyes, the eyes he’d always trusted in, were blanketed, emotionless. It tore at his gut.


Doug Callahan — Human and FBI agent

The man gave Casey an agitated, scratchy sense of ill ease, but it seemed he had no choice but to hear him out. What could the FBI possibly want with me?”


Cravings, Book 2

Kennedy — She has a procedural and photographic memory. She is also very tech savvy.An African American, she isa white were-lynx with very dark spots and scruff.  Black, long black hair and chocolate eyes.

Without looking at her he could summon an image of her in his mind and feel his pulse kick its pace up a notch. Her long, black silken hair caught up in a ponytail bounced with each step she took. A black sweatshirt draped her slim shoulders and cut off just above the waistband of her skinny black jeans, giving a glimpse of her taut abs. Her tight behind enticed him, and her shapely legs coaxed his imagination about touching them.


Asher – A were-bobcat with light brown fur and yellow eyes, he has the ability to nudge others to do what he wants them to do. White, he has blond hair. He is a moggie.

Asher’s blonde hair caught a glimmer of sunlight and suddenly it was all she could focus on. The mussed up look fit his devil-may-care expression. His broad shoulders and muscled biceps under his jacket spoke volumes about his fit physique. She might be numb inside, but she wasn’t dead, and her rapid heartbeat proved it.


Jonathan and Kathryn Novak — Members of TNG and Kennedy’s adoptive parents.Human whites.

“My mother is a bank executive for the Midwest International Bank and my father is CEO for Solutions International, which is a company that assists leading businesses to enter international markets in the infrastructure, renewable energy, and technology sectors.”

            Asher knitted his brow. Her description of her parents came out in a flat, almost rehearsed manner. It made his skin crawl.


Daren Sage — A state senator and member of TNG who is being groomed for president of the United States.Human, white.

Thing One and Thing Two — Kennedy’s TNG handlers named Gordon and Patrick.Humans.

Jerry and Camille Mitchell — Casey and Kennedy’s true parents.

Heartfelt, Book 3

Asia Blue – A were-lynx with medium brown fur and a white belly, she has the ability to read thoughts.Long brown hair and hazel eyes, white. She is a moggie.

Asia was an amazing woman who’d weathered really harsh times with her mother and survived. He respected her for that. He’d never lose gratitude for her friendship. It was out of character for him to care so solidly without wanting to bed her, but what they shared was too precious to risk ruining it with sex.


Conrad Pike – An investment banker and golden furred were-lynx born from wealthy pure parents, he has honey brown eyes.White. He has the ability to visualize solutions to any problem. He is a pure.

He was who she turned to when she needed to sort out things, when she was lonely, when she wanted to get crazy. He was and always had been her go-to guy.

            A golden, pure were-lynx, Conrad was from a rich family and had lived a rich-family life. Private schools, family homes in different parts of the world, trips to exotic places in the family jet. Her life growing up had been the opposite, so that their paths crossed at all was remarkable.


Duncan and Miranda Pike — Conrad’s parents.White, wealthy, pures.

From college education at a top university to a job with an elite banking and investment firm, Duncan and Miranda Pike had given him, their only child, the best of things. But expectations of excellence and stature among the one percent exerted never-ending pressure. It wasn’t enough to have everything, when everything felt shallow and meaningless.


Members of TNG and researchers at Phoenix Biosciences Research Center — The center is located on an animal preserve that TNG is using as a front to its trophy hunting business.

Shaun Chase — A human transformed into a were-lynx by a bite from her husband. She hasn’t come into her special ability yet.White.

Darren Sage – He is a politician and ambitious member of TNG. White.

Marcus Blue – White, a super were-lynx with dark fur, he is a member of TNG. He is very big, has long dark hair, and black eyes. A pure.

Probabilities, Book 4

Quinn Arons – A genius member of the colony, he has the special ability to visualize parts of things in a whole. His fur is russet colored and so are his eyes. In human form he is white with auburn hair.A pure.

He was trying too hard, and that was confusing, too. It wasn’t like Quinn to lose control of his cool. He always had everything under control.


Tizzy (Elizabeth) Sands — A petite and bubbly were-lynx with the ability to gather information from surfaces. As a lynx, she has beige and white fur and eyes the color of cognac. She is a pure.

Dressed in a deep blue dress that hugged her slim curves and ended just above her knees, she dazzled. Her short blond hair framed her heart-shaped face in a delicate caress. At about five-foot three inches, she made a petite but powerful package of bubbly personality and strong passion. He’d known her for five years, since she’d joined the colony. Their opposite personalities, his reserved, hers vivacious, made it hard for him to feel as close to her as he’d like. She fascinated him. Made his brain freeze.


Members of TNG and researchers at Phoenix Biosciences Research Center — The center isone of several TNG research locations. It is located on a secluded piece of land outside of Laurelwood.

Sergeant Martin Taylor – White and a human, he is the head of a special forces team.

Taylor stood about five feet, ten inches tall. He was stocky with a square jaw and muscles. He reminded Quinn of a bulldog with a light brown buzz cut.

-Quinn, Probabilities

Karyn Parker — A were-lynx who has been running with her son Micah to escape TNG and his father Marcus.She is white. Her ability is being able to blend into any background.A pure.

Marcus — His primary ability is reading minds, but TNG has been giving him more abilities stolen from other were-lynxes.

Unstoppable, Book 5

Booker Chase — A were-lynx with a special healing touch. He is Latino, with dark hair and topaz eyes. His fur is brown with the typical dark spots.A pure.


Her heart thumped hard. Thirty-four years old, tall, with short, black hair and a dark stubbly beard that complemented his Latino features, Booker unknowingly made her heart stutter. His topaz eyes grabbed her, and she couldn’t pull away. He didn’t know. She knew he didn’t know. That she loved him.


Lara Monroe — Asher’s sister, she is a were-bobcat with a healing touch.White, she has dark, shoulder-length hair and nut-brown eyes. As a were-bobcat she has brown fur with the typical markings.A moggie.

Booker tried to look away from Lara’s face. Her nut-brown eyes held so much intelligence. He could stare at her and just enjoy that solemn graciousness that emanated from her. Unofficially Casey’s second, she didn’t demand attention, but she was a steady force in the colony. Lara was the quiet center of the group.


Marcus – A strong and muscled white man, he now has acquired the ability to blend into the background.

The back door opened and Marcus got out. He grinned at Booker. Suddenly he leaped up to an overhang halfway up the building on one side of the alley. Then he jumped higher, landing with a loud thud on the building’s roof. Marcus leered down at him, but Booker stood his ground, unimpressed.


Senator Daren Sage

Booker shook his head. Senator Sage had promised the humans he’d restore their lives back to normal. The jerk may think he could walk on water, but Booker knew his limitations included inability to bring a dead mother back to life.


Were-lynx World Rules


*Author note: In writing the Fierce Hearts books, I wanted to make the characters diverse. Diversity is a natural part of life. But I didn’t want to make any characters’ ethnicity the subject of problems. In my mind, black or white or Latino was only one aspect of the character and all were were-lynxes. Therefore, I didn’t load the stories with race-related issues. The characters lived their lives as “different” in their own way and their ethnicity was simply a part of them, like brown eyes or blue eyes. However, in listing the characters as a quick look at the cast, I wanted to include their ethnicity. Doing so required that I also identify characters who were white, as well. Noting these character elements here is not meant to emphasis their race, but simply to give all the characters all their characteristics.

The were-lynx species has existed for thousands of years. Different colonies have chosen different way to live, either among humans or in solitude away from society. Each colony owns a copy of a database, originally a leather-bound book of pages where were-lynx lineage was recorded. It is a precious book that is kept in safety, away from humans. In Casey’s colony, Kennedy has updated the database into a digital copy.

Were-lynxes are forbidden to reveal their true identities. They are taught from an early age to keep to themselves and not form relationships with humans beyond work relationships. They are taught that a choice of one were-lynx to reveal his or her true identity would put all were-lynxes’ lives in jeopardy.

Were-lynxes don’t trust humans. History has taught them that humans view anything “different” as dangerous. Were-lynxes believe humans are careless and selfish.

The process of shifting from one form into another is a natural process for were-lynxes called shimmering. It doesn’t cause them pain and it is easy to do. There are no colony rules that require were-lynxes to shimmer regularly, but because it is so soothing and pleasant, shimmering is done regularly, and primarily after dark.

Were-lynxes prefer to get their food from the market or the refrigerator. As were-animals they can hunt, but they have a preference against killing other beings, so they don’t hunt for food.

Were-lynx have high metabolism, therefore they have large appetites and heal quickly. They have the heightened senses of a predator, which enables them to highly enjoy natural surroundings and avoid dangerous situations when they want to. Their senses also make them skilled at detecting what is going on around them and who or what is nearby.

Were-lynx abilities express at age eighteen. Children are not told the truth about their genetic makeup until in their teens, because young children are too open and may inadvertently jeopardize the colony members’ lives.

For centuries, were-lynxes have been separated into two categories based on genetics: pures, were-lynxes born from two genetically pure were-lynx parents, and moggies, were-lynxes born from a parent or two parents who carry the gene but do not express it. In the past, only pures were allowed to be a colony leader. Moggies were considered lower in status than pures. They were believed by pures to be lower intelligence and untrustworthy. When Casey, a moggie, was voted leader of his colony, he brought new ideas and prompted changes, such as disregarding the ancient beliefs about pures versus moggies and acknowledgement that some humans are trustworthy, so weres should be able to develop relationships with them. He follows his philosophies in leading the colony: Everything evolves, and life is not what you think it is.

Casey’s colony has resided in Laurelwood, which is located in the Midwest, for many years. The mid-size urban center allows them anonymity among a large population and opportunities to practice professions that fit their personalities and special abilities.