Blurb:Asia Blue has never encountered an obstacle she couldn’t overcome, a challenge she couldn’t conquer. The daughter of an alcoholic single mother, Asia learned early on that if she was going to eat and avoid child services, she had to take care of things. When punches came along she drew from her hard attitude and kept on going. When in her late teens she discovered she was more than human, she was a were-lynx, she knew she needed to hide until she figured out how to survive in a human world.

That’s when she met Conrad Pike, were-lynx, son of a wealthy family, and volunteer at a soup kitchen. He volunteered only because he was required to perform community service for underage drinking and a false ID. He didn’t care much for humans, and was a serial dater of human women because it took little heart to do so. Each picking up each the other’s scent, warily, they became friends. Relying on their keen senses and special abilities—hers, the ability to communicate telepathically with animals, his, the ability to visualize how to solve problems—to get through college and become successful were-lynx adults. Best friends forever has been their motto, no love interest allowed.

But as members of Casey Mitchell’s colony, Asia and Conrad face an entirely different sort problem—The Nexus Group. Twice the colony has interfered with the group’s plans to make themselves leaders of a new world. Now, as an investigative reporter, it will take all of Asia’s skills to learn specifics of the group’s latest plans and put a stop to them before it’s too late. As she reaches out to Conrad to help, he resists. Though he cares deeply for her, he doesn’t see much reason for getting involved with the human drama Asia is involved in. But when reality proves friendship and love can disappear in a second, they each must decide to take the risk to be real and own up to their mutual attraction, or turn away from what they feel in their hearts.