Booked meme

Welcome to Booked! Friday!

If you’ve been Booked, you know the feeling. You’re reading a book and the words, the setting, the characters, the entire combination, a phrase or sentence, a description — whatever it is, you get all sparkly inside. The sun shines brighter. The rain is more earnest. The “thing” stays with you and you maybe even feel changed in some insignificant though tremendous way. You’ve Been Booked!

This is the place to share your Booked experience. Stop by on Booked Friday and share the title, the author, or simply a tidbit that you’ll always carry with you. And return another Friday and share a new Booked moment. I’m all about those reading moments and I want to know yours. It’s going to be epic.

So since I actually used that word, epic, let’s start with a Booked moment that was epic. Maybe a scene, maybe a feeling. Please share.